Board of Evangelism
Considers and spearheads mass evangelism programs, such as calls made on all visitors to church, mission visitation programs, and other means of evangelism.
Responsible for depositing all monies of the congregation in the name of the congregation and reporting every week to the Treasurer on all monies received, specifying for what purpose the money has been contributed.

Christian Care
Shares the love of Jesus Christ with those in need, within the congregation, the community and throughout the world by identifying needs and resources to meet those needs.

Maintains the congregation’s physical properties and equipment. Responsible for all insurance needs and coverage of the congregation. And exercises control to insure proper use of rooms and spaces in keeping with the congregation’s policy.

Board of Christian Day School Education
Examines and supervises changes in curriculum, introduce new texts, acquire materials, study operational costs, and handle other matters that pertain to the Christian Day School. They also supervise and promote the enrollment of all children in the congregation and encourage participation from the community and area Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches.

Board of Stewardship
Encourages the members of the congregation to be Christian stewards of their time, talents and possessions. And acquaint themselves with the extent to which congregation members contribute toward the growth of the Kingdom at home and abroad in accordance with the talents and means with which each member has been blessed.

Board of Elders
The office of Elder is a logical extension of the Pastoral office and its primary concern is the spiritual welfare of the congregation.

Board of Directors
Consists of the Chairmen of each of the church boards. They convene in regular meetings at least once a month. The Board of Directors is the legal trustee of all property of the congregation and is responsible for the maintenance and proper insurance of the property. The Board is vested with the general management and supervision of the church’s business affairs.