About immanuel lutheran school

Elementary Education 1st - 8th Grades

Serving children and families with excellence since 1863
Immanuel Lutheran School have been providing students a high-quality Christian education for over 150 years.
In 1863, Immanuel Lutheran Church decided to establish an elementary school and Immanuel Lutheran School was opened.
We have a rich tradition of teaching more than just academics to our children. We continue in this tradition by teaching to the whole child – spiritually, academically, and socially.

We believe that Christian education builds self-esteem with solid values that our students will appreciate and use the rest of their life. Training students individually allows them to grow at a pace that challenges but does not overwhelm them. We foster a sense of accomplishment, necessary for every child. Not only will your child begin the steps toward academic excellence, but they will have fun doing it!


Educating the spiritual aspect of a child has always been the major focus of Immanuel. Through weekly chapel services and daily religion lessons, a student’s faith is nurtured and strengthened. Teachers also play an important role in faith development as they model their faith to children..


Students are taught much more than the core academic areas of religion, mathematics, language arts, science, and history. In the continual goal of meeting the needs of the whole child, Immanuel offers students: music education, technology, physical education, problem solving lessons, and more. Students consistently score at or above grade level on standardized tests and above the local, state, and national average norms!.


A simple concept is taught to all the students at Immanuel – take pride in the talents that God has given to you. This thought is encouraged in the homework they complete, the relationships they establish, and in the school itself. Students assist with many jobs around the school, giving them ownership and pride in their school. There are plenty of team-building activities for students to participate in while at Immanuel, including sports, choir, band, handbells, and student council.