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Our youth are organizing an event for the entire congregation to step up in our community and provide assistance to those in need. WE ARE ASKING ALL MEMBERS OF THE CONGREGATION TO HELP WITH THIS ENDEAVOR! We will be collecting individual needs from members of our congregation (this year, next year we hope to expand into the community). Needs may be cleaning out a garage, painting, weeding, spring cleaning etc. some area of need that would require 3 - 4 hours (that Saturday morning) for a team of people to accomplish. JOB REQUEST FORMS CAN BE FOUND IN THE NARTHEX.

Then the fun begins! We will be asking for volunteers (that’s YOU!) to step forward with your own team of people, or a individually and we will put your on a team with others. We will meet together on SATURDAY, MARCH 24th for breakfast in the cafeteria, and then go out to accomplish our goals of service. VOLUNTEER FORMS CAN BE FOUND IN THE NARTHEX! WHAT AN AWESOME WAY TO SERVE!

What we need from you in the next few weeks:
Consider if you have a task or need that a group of people can help you with, and watch the bulletin on how you can sign up for help. (As this is our first time, we may not be able to help everyone, but we really hope to have the numbers to do so)
Which brings us to our 2nd need: Watch the bulletin on how you can sign up to be part of this “HOMETOWN SERVANT EVENT” Or goal is to have over 100 members join us on March 24th for this event! Join us as families, teams or individuals for this special day of service!

Please prayerfully consider joining us on the morning of the 24th. We hope we can count on you to be part of this special event!

February 2018 Church Newsletter

Click on February 2018 Church Newsletter to read all the news for February!

Adult Instruction Classes
Thursday, January 18th
7:00 pm

These classes are for anyone desiring to learn more about the Lutheran Church. It is the avenue for anyone who might consider formal membership at Immanuel, but obligates participants to nothing. If you are interested, circle the "A" at the bottom of your attendance card when you attend church this weekend, or contact the church office. Please make sure to write your contact information on the attendance card as well.

AVAILABLE NOW! Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation, 2017 edition.

Church and state. Marriage issues. Different worldviews and religions. Our culture has much to say about these topics. But what does God’s Word tell us? The 2017 Explanation helps you faithfully understand God’s Word as you encounter today’s issues. With 374 questions and 1,142 Scripture references, there is more biblical teaching and devotional aids to nurture your faith than ever before. Times may change, but the Word of the Lord endures forever – and Luther’s Small Catechism guides you to the answers. For a limited time, the 2017 edition is available for $14.49 (plus shipping and handling). You can take a look at a sample and place an order in the church office.

2018 Concert and Speaker Series

All Concert and Speaker Series events are free and
open to the public.
If you would like to financially support the series, there are two ways to do so.
Individual Sponsorships are available for $50 per person. Besides the satisfaction of supporting these wonderful events, each sponsorship comes with one reserved seat up front at every event.

Corporate Sponsorships are available for $300. Corporate Sponsorships provide 4 reserved seats up front at every event. It also provides the name of your business included on-screen at each event, thanking you for your sponsorship.

You may sign up for sponsorship in the narthex, or by calling the church office to make arrangments.

Thank you for your support of these enjoyable events at Immanuel!

Our 2018 Concert & Speaker Series Events are:
Saturday, January 27 – Michael Tsalka – Israeli born Bach pianist

Sunday, March 4 – Concordia University Chicago Kapelle Choirc

Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14 – Adrienne Bulinski, Motivational Speaker (speaking 3 times)

Fall, Date (TBD) – St. Louis Symphony Ensemble

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