Worship is faith that receives all the promises of God and responds through devotional living. As a community during the month of November, we are going to examine this definition and see how worship flows out of the sanctuary into our daily lives.

As a household you are encouraged to participate in the following order of worship on a daily basis because it sets our eyes on our time together.


Remember and invoke your induction into the family by saying these words together: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen”

Confession and Absolution

As a household, confess your sins to one another and then forgive each other as Christ forgave you.

Word and Offering

Read the assigned scripture passage or song lyrics for the day and read, or watch, the Immanuel Family Devotions. Discuss together how this Word can be lived as an offering to the world around you.

Prayer of the Church

Here, is a list of the church’s prayer requests. Add your own, and pray together as a family. If you wish, each member of the household may offer a petition. Each person can conclude their petition with the words: “Lord, in Your mercy.” The entire family will then respond: “Hear our prayer.”

The Sacrament

Enjoy a meal together as a family in anticipation for the meal that we share as a Church family every Sunday.