Immanuel congregation’s two churches. Its first, dedicated in 1863, served as church and school until the second church came into use in 1882.

Immanuel was formed on April 21, 1862 by a group of Christians who were dedicated to the Word of God and the pure teaching of it. Only nine people signed the constitution that was adopted on that day. Even though it was a small group, from the very first day, these nine men also dedicated themselves to the opening of a Christian day-school because they it was a critical step in the formation of youth. The first obstacle this small congregation faced was finding their own place to meet and worship. After using space from other churches in Washington, the congregation quickly procured their own land, which is the site the church sits on to this day. The first building constructed was a small 24×40 foot multipurpose room on the property. It was dedicated on January 18, 1863. The Christian day-school was soon begun, with fifteen children. The church and school were a blessing to the small community and quickly grew in size. Before long, their existing building and the property that they were also renting would not suffice. On November 26, 1882, God richly blessed the ever growing congregation with a beautiful new place of worship. For over 125 years the congregation and students worshiped God and received him in this beautiful sanctuary which still stands as a pillar of historic architecture within the city of Washington. Since 1882, many additions and renovations have taken place to both the school and sanctuary but historic space could only provide so much room. On Sunday, September 30, 2012 the church dedicated a new sanctuary that continues to serve the congregation which, now has grown to a gathering of more than 500 on a single weekend. Our Christian day-school continues to form around 200 students every year.

As noted above, Immanuel is aptly named. Throughout the history of this congregation, it is evident to see that “God is with us.” He has richly blessed this gathering of believers through many difficult times. The congregation has personally witnessed the Civil War, two world wars, and many other tragedies both in Washington and abroad, but, despite the pain and searing loss brought forth by sin, the congregation still holds fast to Jesus Christ, our Savior, who remains true to His word. He will never leave us or forsake us. With humble gratitude, we continue to worship the Holy Trinity, and give thanks for all that they continue to do within our midst. We invite you to join our community here in this place to worship our God!

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